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In each program our objective is to leave you with:

  • A fully trained Story Leader to keep the program going

  • A living story library with stories to influence all stake-holders

  • A motivated team with new story communications skills

  • Your team aligned to the company stories and strategy

We also offer facilitated workshops for boards and senior leadership to develop their company strategy story: COMPANY STRATEGY STORY FOR BOARDS


Program for Sales teams

When management create sales teams they place high expectations on an extremely expensive resource. And that resource is not easy to manage.

Virtually every sales team we’ve worked with suffers from the same challenges:

  • Fewer than 20% of the team is effective at meeting target

  • There’s a high churn rate (and the point above can be a cause)

  • New salespeople are slow to get selling. For complex sales it can take 9-12 months.

  • Its difficult to get the team to follow common processes

  • When good salespeople leave, they leave a big revenue hole

Storytelling directly addresses everyone of these challenges. When your sales leaders are also story coaches, they work to develop a story library and to incorporate your best stories into all of your sales processes. As you build a story system using a Story Leader and Story Library you are solving these challenges and turbo-charging your revenue growth.

This is how it goes together:

PROGRAM for new product or service

When a company invests in a significant new product or service it cannot leave the implementation to chance! To get a return on investment, its imperative that all departments - marketing, sales, service and implementation - are aligned and communicating the same story.

But which stories? and how to collect them? How to communicate the new product story to diverse stakeholders? That’s what this program is about. Identify your internal story leader then let us help you find the new product stories, coach your story leader and get your teams aligned on one message.

Here’s how it works…

Program for Technical Sales Teams

Large technology companies sometimes choose to organise their technical staff into dedicated tech sales teams - teams of technical specialists that support complex business acquisition projects, including large tenders.

In matrix organisations, tech sales team may be located and managed separately from the business and commercial teams. That has an advantage for developing technical expertise but comes with potential challenges, including:

  • Disconnection of technology expertise from both the client and company business drivers

  • Poor communication through use of jargon and technical language

  • Failure to develop rapport , internally and with clients and partners

  • Inability to understand the big picture from the client’s perspective

  • Poor meeting, presentation and inter-personal skills

Storytelling can be a revelation for technical sales specialists!

Stories give technical specialists the tool for creating rapport, delivering complex ideas and helping to get decisions made. In fact, stories are the perfect vehicle for showcasing technical expertise.

Program for Start-ups and investors

Let’s face it, most businesses fail. Failure can have many causes but one of the most common is when the start-up’s story did not resonate with investors and early clients. Its our experience that every successful start-up has a storyteller.

The critical issue for start-ups is (by definition) they don’t have a success story. That means early revenue has to be generated with insight stories and that takes a special business development skills.

In this program we work with the founders, investors and other key stakeholders to craft your winning start-up stories.

Program for Professional Services Teams

Legal, accounting, HR and other business consultancies often don’t have dedicated sales people but rely on their technical people to both sell and implement their services.

That’s a tough ask and the failure rate is high. The transition from director to partner is a huge challenge for consulting companies because the new partner must transition from a technical to a business development role.

The anxiety and pressure during this transition is well-known but the idea of coaching storytelling is practically unheard of.

Virtually every successful partner that brings in new business is a storyteller but its often an unconscious skill.

Our storytelling program for professional services makes the storytelling skill apparent and provides a road-map to a much higher promotion success rate, and that means business expansion for the firm.

After this program you’ll have:

  • A trained story leader that can continue the program

  • A story library populated with the best stories from your firm

  • A process for refreshing your stories

  • The mechanism you need for creating more partners and more business

Program for Brokerages and Agencies

Business brokers, recruitment companies and real estate firms are all brokerage businesses ̶ they’re in the business of connecting buyers with sellers.

That’s selling on steroids! Brokerage agents must simultaneously sell in two directions ̶ to the buyer and to the seller and get them to meet in a deal. A story approach for brokerage firms has huge benefits. With a library of seller and buyer stories your agents have persuasion weapons that will elevate your firm far above your competitors.

With our brokerage program we install:

  • A trained and certified Story Leader to manage the ongoing process

  • A story library with buyer and seller success stories available to all agents

  • A team capable of engaging with your best stories

*they often need to sell in a third direction - back into their firm also ;-)


The channel sales model is considerably more challenging than operating a private sales team. Channel partners are separate business entities, insulated from the original equipment (or service) manufacturer(OEM), often with different business drivers.

  • How to create trusting partnerships?

  • How to enable the channel partner with the best sales collateral?

  • How to align values and protect company reputations?

  • How to share persuasion collateral between partners?

Many companies take a contractual approach to this challenge but the most successful channel networks run on solid relationships and trust - underpinned by powerful stories (whether that is appreciated, or not!)

This program, typically sponsored by the OEM, constructs and deploys the stories that build trust, ensure common values and persuade the market. We do this by finding and sharing the best stories in your distribution network.

Curious? This is a sample program:


Your company story is the strategy story but as companies grow, merge and divest, the company narrative degrades and can become confusing. A new, more energetic and persuasive company story is needed.

Designed for boards and executive teams, the Company Strategy Story program builds a narrative that

  • Honours the history of your company

  • Names the challenge/change that threatens your client’s market

  • Describes the promised land

  • Clearly paints the enemy

  • Introduces your capability and assets as magic keys …

  • To reach the promised land (your brand promise)

This workshop is a facilitated day that includes refresher story instruction, constructing on the strategy story in pieces and uncovering success and values story collateral to augment the company strategy narrative.