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Click image above to watch the Pronto company story on YouTube.

Click image above to watch the Pronto company story on YouTube.



Every company has persuasive and engaging stories! But most companies need help to surface and create those stories. We help you find and develop key stories in preparation for a story workshop

Your Company story is developed with a combination of company records research and interviews with founders and/or key leaders. Success stories are developed by interviewing your successful clients and key staff from your organisation. Values stories and Key Staff stories often come out of story workshops (see next service) or in one-on-one interviews. We leverage video conferencing for most interviews.

Story seeking is offered as both a consulting project (we find the stories for you) or as a coached course where we teach you how to find and develop you first three stories.


The Story Seeker coached online course - we coach you to find and develop your first three company stories


Story library ready content: The deliverables are 1 ½ to 2 ½ minute stories on video, written stories (when required), source materials including recordings and transcripts of interviews.

Seed stories for story workshops

Renewed enthusiasm in the team and enduring, reusable conversation collateral for the company.

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Your best salespeople are already storytellers - but may not know it. The rest of your team is probably oblivious to storytelling.

Regardless of the current skill level, everyone benefits from knowing the story framework and story-types and everyone sells better with a system for storytelling.

Getting the team together to learn and share the craft and science of storytelling is a great way to surface new stories and the best way to elevate the the entire team’s storytelling skills.

We offer three one-day workshop programs that can be combined as desired.


This workshop teaches Personal, Key Staff , Company stories and story sharing. After this intense session, participants will be able to tell their personal stories, their colleagues stories and their company story. Post workshop practice via video message. Story library ready content will be produced from this session.

Duration: One-day face-to-face workshop with follow-up online training and coached video message story practise over 4 months.

Recommended preparation: Prepare company story with our story seeker service. Nominate one business leader to be the company Story Leader to learn the story seeking process.


In this workshop we teach the structure of Insight, Success and Values stories and story sharing for discovery and deal closing. Participants will uncover and develop their company’s ‘fighting stories’ and stories that close the deal. Post workshop story practice via video message. Story library-ready content in the form of Insight, Success and Values stories (on video) will be produced from this session.

Duration: One day face-to-face workshop with follow-up online training and video message coaching over 4 months.

Recommended preparation: Prepare company values story and one example success story using our story seeker service. Nominate one business leader to be the company Story Leader to learn the story seeking process.

3. Board Strategy storytelling

A facilitated workshop focused solely on the Company Strategy story. This workshop is for boards and senior leadership teams. The day’s output is the compelling narrative that explains where the company is coming from, why it exists and how it will succeed with its mission. Detours through company Values and arch-typical Success stories will also be covered. The day’s output is a strategy slide pack template (for investors, partners and clients) and a 2-3 minute video that can be used to coach all staff on the strategy story.

Duration: One day face-to-face workshop with optional post-workshop video message coaching to ensure company staff can tell the story.

Recommended preparation: Prepare company history using our story seeker service (depending on the complexity of the company history).


An inspired, purposeful team that understands and appreciates the company’s strategy, values and client stories.

The start of your new story library which lets you configure your selling processes with the most appropriate stories - easy to follow and supervise processes for the entire team.

Which means more profit for your business!

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Speaking engagements designed to introduce the power of storytelling to your business and motivate and engage your team.

30 to 90 minute keynote speeches on the art and power of storytelling for revenue growth. Delivered by Mike, Adams, author of the international best-seller Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell.

Ideal for sales kick-off meetings and staff conferences. The talk can be customised to your revenue growth situation. This service includes preparation sessions with your leadership team. Mike uses stories from his extensive international sales career to bring the talk to life, for maximum engagement with your team.

Use our talks to kick-off your Storytelling program

Storytelling keynotes and sample sessions to help get revenue storytelling started in your business



An engaged an inspired team, with a new understanding and perspective on how to use stories in their day-to-day activities. Ideal introduction to a story training program for your company.



Your story library is an enduring, live system that delivers long-term competitive advantage. A tagged and searchable library of stories coded into a revenue capture process which provides an on-boarding process for new staff and a ‘how-to’ map for common engagement processes, including which story to tell when.

Either we help you extend your existing knowledge base and CRM to support a story library, OR we help you install and configure one of our recommended platforms.

We help you develop the learning and process sequences that deliver the right story to each team member at the right time.


The tagged and categorised story library - used to provide each person in the team with the right story for each situation

Click image to see our  Story Library

Click image to see our Story Library


Reduced on-boarding time. New salespeople get the exact content they need in the perfect format. Fully-developed selling processes for each of your product/service/territory categories. Our story library lets you configure the best selling process coupled with appropriate stories. It is an easy to follow and supervise process for the entire team.

More profit for your business!



All of services are designed to make you the Story Leader! You are the hero of our programs.

Our Story Leader coaching course is designed specifically for the person that will lead your story program. Video conference and video message coaching based on the Seven Stories online courses. Go at your own pace and cover as many story types as you desire.


Our Signature course. We coach your designated story leader to manage and maintain your company story process

(Limited Places)

Click image to see the  Story Leader online coaching  program

Click image to see the Story Leader online coaching program


  • Typical duration 4 - 6 months

  • Eight one-on-one video meetings with a master story coach

  • Extensive online how-to training

  • Video messaging coaching for each of your stories


You get the skills to develop your own story program and a certification as a Story Leader. We coach you to:

  • Find and develop your own stories - typically 6 - 8 stories created during the program

  • You learn how to facilitate story workshops

  • Coach team members to deliver effective stories

  • Maintain and expand your new story library