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Its a common frustration with business owners - they sell with ease, but their hired sales guns cannot sell. Or they take way too long to get up to speed.

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It’s often the case that these successful business leaders are unconscious storytellers. They tell stories all the time but fail to appreciate the persuasive power of their stories. And they haven’t taken the effort to capture those stories so their salespeople can use them.

The consequence?… Frustration!

Its our experience that whenever there are strong, sustained business results, there’s a storyteller at the centre of that success. However, to scale a business the stories must be shared.


Our Story Leader services are designed to answer that exact question. Its starts with finding and honing your best stories. Then we train your people in storytelling, all-the-while building your company story library. Throughout our engagement, we train and certify your internal Story Leader, so the program continues to deliver value as a system long into the future.

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MATT'S Story

(Extract from Seven Stories)

In 2017, the managing director of a commercial real estate firm came to us with a specific problem. Matt, had built his 60-person firm starting from scratch over a twenty-year period, but a recent illness meant that for some time he had been unable to fully engage in the business, and sales results had slipped.

Mike met Matt when his health was improving, and the first thing he noticed was Matt’s stories. Matt’s one of a rare breed, we call ‘stream of consciousness’ storyteller. And these were not trivial stories. Matt’s stories were designed to make a point. He dipped into his family history to tell Mike about his father and grandfather in the real estate business. He told of being the top-selling salesperson in a large international real estate company before setting out on his own, and how he had built his business. He pointed out a property across the road and told its story! The stories tumbled out, one after another, engaging and inspiring.

There’s no doubt that Matt is his business’s number one salesperson. Anyone in the organisation will tell you that. Matt is the model the sales team build themselves on. But even he hadn't noticed that his stories were a defining characteristic of his selling ability. So we set about teaching his sales team the company stories — and the team is doing well, becoming autonomous, with better morale and results, because we’ve cloned Matt’s storytelling.

Joe's Story

(Extract from Seven Stories)

Also in 2017 we worked with software technology company that specialise in digital transformation technology projects. Think of them as the elite SAS of software development - crack programmers and technologists who parachute in at the start of a digital transformation project and set everything up for success.

The founder and company co-owner, Joe, who understood the power of stories, engaged us to coach his team. Joe had built a highly technical organisation of about 140 people. When it came to sales, everyone in the company deferred to him. ‘Joe is the salesperson,’ they said.

But Joe had reached his personal limit and knew the business couldn't continue to grow while relying solely on his sales expertise.

One of our first tasks was to research their company story. Joe was too busy to be interviewed, so Mike met with five other people who ‘knew’ the story. But none of those interviewed were storytellers, we were not getting the essence of the story. When we ran our first story workshop, Joe came along for the morning session. It was immediately obvious that it was Joe who had the stories. Like Matt, he was a stream of consciousness storyteller.

Joe told the story of starting his career as a technical expert rather than a salesperson but grudgingly agreeing to take on a sales role because the ‘hired guns’ were routinely falling. He became the best salesperson in the organisation. Then, when he came to realise there was a better, more ethical and effective way to sell and deliver software projects, he founded his own company. Like Matt, Joe told one enthralling story after another.

Its not a coincidence, there is a storyteller at the centre of every successful business.