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Mike is the author of the international bestseller Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell.

Trained as an electrical engineer, Mike had no interest in sales. Until in 1996, he was offered a sales role in Norway ….you can listen to Mike telling that story here.

Mike taught himself storytelling and used it navigate a diverse international sales career:

  • Selling more than one billion dollars of products and services

  • …for blue chip corporations: Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia, Halliburton, Motorola & Spotless

  • …across Telecommunications, IT, Oil and Gas, Facility Services and Industrial sectors

  • …while based in the USA, UK, Australia, Norway, Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

Since 2014, Mike has been teaching revenue growth storytelling to an ever expanding list of national and international clients.

WHY The Story Leader?

We help our clients grow revenue by systematically leveraging the most important human communication mechanism – Story.

The best salespeople are (often unconscious) storytellers. We provide the framework to turn your entire team into great storytellers.

Our mission is to deliver a unique and compelling program for your growth team that

  • Differentiates your business, making your company the preferred option

  • Reduces the perceived risk your clients and partners have about your business

  • Closes more and better deals for your company

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What you get

  • A motivated growth team with new skills and shared purpose

  • Clearer differentiation with better messaging

  • Better alignment between your departments via shared stories

  • A story library complete with your own compelling revenue growth stories

  • A trained and certified internal story leader(s) to continue leading your program

Our legacy is your story library and story leader to drive change and grow your revenue.

See how our services fit together TO STORY-POWER YOUR REVENUE



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