Kinky Performance

Today I decided to clean the upstairs balcony floor at our house. This is the type of procrastination activity I will undertake when I’m avoiding a more important task…

We have a permanently connected cleaning hose on the balcony which hadn’t been used for a couple of years.  As I hosed the balcony I was immediately disappointed by the low water pressure but I reasoned that it was due to the tap location high on the second floor wall.

Twenty minutes later after some energetic scrubbing and feeble dousing, I noticed a kink in the hose. Freeing the kink produced instant good water pressure and suddenly the job was much easier.

A couple of minutes later the pressure dropped again but this time, of course, I knew straight away what to do.

I reflected on the fact that I had been labouring away accepting poor performance but the instant I saw what good performance was possible, I knew what to do and no longer accepted poor performance.

This is exactly what we experience day to day with the sales teams we work with at Growth in Focus. Identifying and modelling what good performance looks and feels like and allowing sales people to experience that improved performance is the path to mastery for individuals and teams.



Source: Mike Adams personal experience


Story Type: Business Purpose

Labels: Values; Beliefs; Control; Personal


For Story Students

The Setting: Mike's House in 2016

The Complications: Poor water pressure while washing the balcony floor

The Turning Point: Locating the kink in the hose and realising the metaphor potential pf the situation

The Resolution: Kept the hose free of kinks and cleaned the floor

The Point of the Story: Kept the hose free of kinks and cleaned the floor

How to use this story: This mini-story is a good example of how you can use everyday experiences as a metaphor to serve a business purpose