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Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell with Mike Adams #251

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When it comes to story selling, author Mike Adams is the expert and our  honored guest. In this episode Mike shares 7 types of story you need to leverage when selling. Mike gives examples taken from his book “Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell” . He recommends that you learn the types, create your own stories, memorized them and naturally apply to your business. 

Three Problems Sellers Face

If you’re new to an organization you probably don’t know a lot of stories. Here are three problems you will face AND seven stories you should learn before meeting a  prospective client.

  1. How do I connect with prospective buyers

    • Personal Story

    • Personal Story of another person in the company

    • How did your company find success (strategy and origin story)

  2. How do you get them to change course and buy you

    • Story that shares an Insight you have about their business (great for startups)

    • Success story of YOUR customer:

      1. scene before you met your them

      2. they have a problem

      3. then they met you

      4. you gave them a plan,

      5. avoid failure

      6. achieve success

  3. How to Close the deal

    • The value story, explain how your company leader will behave after the deal is made

    • The sales manager story – teaching the client can sell to their management with a story

By learning the seven stories every salespersons must tell, you will be prepared when meeting clients and able to repeat naturally the stories at the appropriate time. Your clients will relate to the stories and persuade them to buy.

Take Action

Build a story library and practice them.

How To Find Mike Adams

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