Abby Guiyab - Associate Storyteller

Abby Guiyab.PNG

I graduated in 1997 in Manilla with a Communication major. Originally I wanted to work in advertising and worked for my aunt, who was a broadcast network manager and also had a short stint with the advertising board of the Philippines.

It turns out I didn’t like advertising so much but I did like sales! I took a sales role in the pharmaceutical industry and for eight years was a quota-carrying sales person with Abbott Laboratories and eventually the multi-national drug company, Merck. I managed the product launch for Vioxx in Philippines.

I received excellent sales training through this period including Stephen Covey and Solution Selling training.

I had the first of my three daughters at this time and the pharma sales role was not at all family-friendly. So I took a job in business process optimisation in financial services. I did Credit card and Walmart Card sales but it was night shift work and I had a miscarriage.

From there I worked for Bank Assurance of the Philippines and then JP Morgan Chase bank in the risk management department. I had a second miscarriage.

I tried selling Dassault Systems software for a local value added reseller but when I was sent to Kuala Lumpur for a week while still breast feeding, I had to leave. I became a recruitment consultant for an international firm but that job involved nearly 4 hours of commuting each day and again it wasn’t sustainable for my family.

Since 2019 I’ve been working as a story consultant at The Story Leader with Mike Adams, and finally I have the sales role that I love and a work schedule that lets me look after my family!